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In the light of the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse a number of religious organisations and government institutions are offering compensation to victims.

Kelso Lawyers are helping many victims seek compensation and an apology for the sexual and physical abuse they suffered whilst a child and placed in religious organizations and government institutions.

You may be entitled to compensation if you were physically and/or sexually abused whilst you were a child placed in a religious organization or government run institution.

Please provide your details using the form below and we will be in contact with you to discuss whether you may be eligible for compensation.

Alternatively if you prefer to complete your information sheet by hand, please download the form and post to PO Box 2293 Dangar NSW 2309.


    Section 1: Applicant details

    Thank you for taking the initial step of contacting us at Kelso Lawyers. We also acknowledge the courage you have shown in making this enquiry. We are hopeful that we can assist you to achieve a positive outcome and move closer towards justice.

    As this is a legal process, it is necessary to adhere to strict guidelines so that every stage progresses effectively. The first step in this process is for you to complete this form. Be assured that the information you provide will be treated with the greatest respect and in strictest confidence.

    If your claim does have reasonable prospects of success, we will contact you to arrange a telephone conference with Kelso Lawyers’ Director, Peter Kelso. During this phone interview, Peter Kelso will help you become familiar with our firm and guide you through the next stage of this legal process.

    If it is considered that your claim does not have sufficient evidence to proceed, we will advise you that we are unable to pursue a claim on your behalf.

    Please note that this form is in relation to historical childhood abuse within an institution or religious order.

    By completing this form you are registering your interests with our firm to see if we are able to help you achieve compensation and an apology from the institution responsible.

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    Section 2: Details of abuse

    Please note that if you were abused in more than one institution please complete a different sheet in relation to each different institution.

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    What was the name of the institution where the abuse took place?
    Please provide the full name & address

    How did you become placed at the above institution?

    What years did the abuse take place?

    Briefly describe what happened and the setting in which the abuse took place

    Name of the offender/s if known

    Were you abused by any other residents at the institution?

    Has the abuse ever been reported to police?


    Section 3: Previous Claims

    Have you received any compensation in relation to the abuse?

    If yes, provide details of the outcome of your claim What abuse/institution have you received compensation for?

    How much compensation did you receive?

    How did you receive compensation?

    Did you sign a Deed of Release?

    If yes, please provide details such as when you signed and details about any other paperwork you may have signed

    Did you have legal representation?


    Section 4: Declaration

    The information I have provided in this Claimant Information Sheet is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge & ability.

    I acknowledge that Kelso Lawyers will treat this information in strict confidence and will not share any details contained herein without my consent.


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